54 digital trends to look out for in 2015 

54 digital trends to look out for in 2015 

How was your first week back at work?

Do you feel refreshed after the Christmas break and excited about getting to grips with the year ahead? Like me, you might have done a bit of reading around what is new and exciting in the world of digital and marketing …

Here are five posts that caught my eye – covering 54 trends – and a rocket launch summary of what they are saying.  But, like multichannel measurement, there is a fair amount of duplication going on!


Pretty clear and no doubt pretty accurate (as you might expect from Stickyeyes).

We’ll see the evolution of some long-standing trends – increasingly integrated approaches to drive search (based on good old fashioned marketing), better cross-platform measurement (Hallelujah!) and even better device agnostic content. Plus some new kids on the block like Facebook getting properly into search and a truly commercial Internet of things.

10 digital predictions for 2015


More on accessible and scalable platforms driving the mobile and social web accessed by increasingly bigger screened devices (that start to look silly when you actually use them as a phone). Better integration, analytics and … wait for it … email! (but I kind of agree).

20 ecommerce trends and predictions for 2015

Brilliant Noise

Digital disruption 2.0 driven by truly empowered and increasingly moral consumers and served up with a big dose of optimism.  Big, powerful and open datasets driving a more intelligent way of doing things will supercharge the revolution …

Trends for 2015


An avalanche of cloud based products and services that are accessible, cheap and most importantly incredibly easy to use. If technological revolutions come in waves this definitely is one. The bit I find interesting is that this, in part, is driving the move from owning stuff to doing stuff and doing it with other people.

2015 : The year the cloud bursts


And finally, a horoscope of twelve things to watch from a bunch of trend influencing digital heavyweights. Like it.

2015 Digital Marketing Horoscope

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