Always in beta – Our new website

Always in beta – Our new website

So we’ve been trying to get around to developing our new site for almost 2 years. When you are a small business and your clients are keeping you busy stuff like that never seems to get to the top of the list. Even when digital is your business.

This is our new site. One of those clients that kept us busy during the last 2 years was howies. A really interesting business … I could write a whole lot more about howies and one day I will. Based in Wales, howies is an active clothing company that firmly believes in making higher quality and lower impact products – and finding new and better ways to do business. I always liked this t-shirt.


It describes a way of working which suits digital marketing and the environment we are all working in. I’ll write more on that one day too but in the meantime welcome to our new site. We hope you like it. It will develop over time but hopefully it gives you a clear idea about what we do and most importantly the way we go about doing it and our approach to things. Let us know what you think and how we can make it better – leave a comment or contact us. It is, after all, never going to be finished.