Colombia. Here I come!

Colombia. Here I come!

I delivered a keynote at a conference just before Christmas. The conference was all about destination branding and marketing. Tom Buncle presented before me and discussed the case of Colombia. So, what comes to mind when you think about Colombia? Interestingly, in recent times, they have done great things with their tourism economy and I chuckled when we were told about the brand campaign they had been running.

Colombia. The only thing you need worry about is not wanting to leave.

Especially because I am going there on Saturday to spend two weeks paragliding between Medellin and a place called Cali which is about 430km further south.  Yes, Pablo Escobar is all I know of Medellin too!

So, I am going to be somewhat ‘off grid’. From what I understand where we are going really is an area of outstandingly bad mobile reception. Please bear with me. Of course, having the opportunity to pursue my passion and take a break means I will return to work re-energised and with a bunch of fresh ideas. That’s good for me as well as the clients I work with.

I will try and post on twitter and Instagram when connectivity allows. If you are interested, you can also follow my progress on a map via SPOT Satellite Messaging and Tracking. If you see a SOS message you’ll know, at least in my case, Colombia’s brand campaign wasn’t true!