Consultancy. Redesigned. Twice.

Take a breath

Consultancy. Redesigned. Twice.


This is my first blog post for almost 5 years. Wow.

But why? Well, we’ve been busy. Really busy.

Of course that means we’ve done loads and learnt loads. Including and in no particular order:

      1. Organising global conferences, providing the keynote and hosting for Marketing Directors and professionals across the world
      2. Writing the definitive handbook on marketing evaluation and measurement
      3. Supporting the launch of a new brand across four continents
      4. Redeveloping websites and the associated infrastructure across multiple organisations on all kinds of platforms and technology
      5. Numerous marketing measurement and evaluation projects – we love number crunching!
      6. Advising on, overseeing and the day to day management of all kinds of digital paid media campaigns
      7. Everything to do with search engine optimisation and driving organic visibility
      8. Managing and developing ecommerce platforms and channels – including everything to do with vendor management and running marketing activity on Amazon
      9. Coaching graduates, seasoned marketing executives and C-suite professionals
      10. Working closely with multiple senior management teams from all kinds of sectors …


But now it’s time to step back, think and recalibrate – to sense check and ensure we are moving in the right direction. In doing that I asked myself three questions.

  • What are we good at?
  • What do we enjoy doing?
  • What do our clients most value?


I’ve always had a funny relationship with the word consultancy. Writing a to-do list is always easier than actually getting those things done. That’s why we have always focused on making things happen and taking responsibility for delivering real results. Consultancy redesigned if you like.

Well, we’ve redesigned it again.

Our strategy and planning work has become more data driven, always on, iterative and more closely aligned with the work we do across measurement and evaluation.

We’ve added executive and practitioner coaching into the mix because we are increasingly being asked to work in this way and we have seen both the real results for businesses as well as the long term benefits for individuals.

Beyond that we can add the stuff that ensures things get done. Filling gaps, removing blockers and even banging heads together – learnt and distilled from many years of managing and delivering digital projects of all shapes and sizes.

If that sounds interesting then do get in touch or find out more about what we do.

But hurry because we’re gonna get busy!