Online Branding for Destinations – ENTER 2010

Online Branding for Destinations – ENTER 2010

ENTER is the International eTourism Conference, promoted by the International Federation of IT in Travel and Tourism. This year it is being held in Lugano, Switzerland in February with keynote speakers from, amongst others, Google, Expedia and Switzerland Tourism.

We have been invited to speak as part of  a session looking at Online Branding for Destinations chaired by Robert Govers, author of Place Branding. The session also includes speakers from tripadvisor, Tourism Montreal and Tourism Queensland.

Our section will cover building stakeholder communities online and will discuss some of the things covered in our recently written book chapter ‘The Digital Challenge’ to be published later this year  in the 3rd edition of Destination Branding – creating the unique destination proposition. Including;

  1. Digital channels have grown up – it represents a fundamental and revolutionary change.
  2. Customers are getting increasingly turned off by one way dialogue. Customers are truly empowered and taking control of their relationship with brands – they are shaping brands.
  3. Tools, technologies and channels – what’s available and how they are currently being used in the area of travel and tourism.
  4. The four key challenges facing destination branding within the context of digital – Content, Socialisation, Integration and Measurement.
  5. What does this mean for destination, travel and tourism brands?
  6. What does this mean for the Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) website?

You can find out more from the ENTER 2010 conference website.

We can’t wait. Maybe see you there?!