So, what are they like?

So, what are they like?

If this is shameless self promotion please forgive me.  We have been two plus a tight network of partners since we started this adventure back in 2004. Since that time it has served our clients and us well. But in the near future we are hoping to become four plus a tight network of partners. The four of us have been working on some new products that we can get the business behind. It’s enlightening, exciting and it has given us an opportunity to stop and think a little more around what we are about and the way we approach things.

We talked about personality. The stuff that defines you. The stuff someone might use to describe you and your character. Here are ten things we have on that list so far.

Serial helpers.
Obsessive list writers.
Pretty bloody positive almost all of the time.
Full of beans and always moving forwards.
We love starts, ends, outcomes and learning.
We really enjoy developing teams of  people.
It matters to us that people are happy and fulfilled at work.
We really care what people think about us.
Unless things are changing and we are driving forward we get restless.
But perhaps most of all. We love what we do. We feel lucky.

For those of you who know us we really hope you agree. We are proud of what people say about working with us. Our testimonials are one of our greatest achievements.

“The great thing with Jon and Beth is that what you see is what you get. Which is pretty rare these days. They really are an endless source of energy, enthusiasm, and know-how. And with the number of calls I put into them, I’d certainly have caught them on an off day by now! They always remain true to a campaign idea from start to finish, no matter how long the process, they’re open to discussion and debate at any stage, and with the complete absence of any ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality, their approach is truly a collaborative one. Quite frankly, it’s refreshing to find two people who intuitively ‘get’ marketing and all its inner workings, and who you really look forward to picking up the phone to”

Caroline Macpherson | Partners Andrews Aldridge

I  hope we can remain true to our values and what people are saying about us once we are four. I know we can and I know the guys that are joining us will help make our personality even stronger and more colourful. I’m looking forward to it.