Ten blogs we love following

Ten blogs we love following


I sometimes wonder if we should be spending more time posting the stuff you sometimes see on mainstream digital marketing blogs – things like 39 new social media resources you may have missed or Spreading holiday cheer and regional cuisine through AdWords. I always come to the same conclusion – why try and rinse and repeat the stuff that others are already doing so well when we can signpost the good stuff? We already follow some of the mainstream blogs and you probably are too. So, what other blogs do we follow? We are just in the process of moving this site to an upgraded platform and new hosting environment. When we do these ten are likely to feature on the blogroll.  Five from me and five from Beth – you can probably guess which ones come from who!


I saw Gerd Leonhard talk about the future of advertising (What future he might say?!)  a couple of years ago and have been avidly following him ever since. Love his manner and what he talks about, not to mention the crazy graphics he uses in his slides. Openness is now definitely a survival strategy and data is definitely the new oil!


Search is a really important part of our business. It’s one of the cornerstones that supports a lot of what we do. We work with some really smart SEOs and they have all pointed me to SEOmoz over the years. In an ongoing effort to keep up with everything SEO and a bit more I follow it too.


Endless difference, that’s what this blog is all about. Just when you think all the new angles on a product have been exhausted a clever little fish gets an idea with the ‘cut through’ of a blue whale. Great resource for refreshing thinking on how to make a product stand-out in category.


With loads of contributors posting on a wide range of topics from technology, strategy and planning, e-commerce, social media, user experience, mobile internet, e-mail, online PR and much more. This is a great blog for keeping on top of the multi-channel, multi-skilled world of digital marketing.


I have people like Chris Brogan and Seth Godin tagged ‘Digerati’ in my RSS reader. Chris Brogan is huge and his blog hugely followed. The thing I like about him is his endless enthusiasm for doing things right and doing things well. Plus the straight talking and practical actionable advice.


I love it. If design and ‘User experience’ is your thing then this blog is too. It is pure indulgence in every sense. Get a cuppa and lose yourself. The 52 weeks idea is genius and the ‘old school’ styling gives this modern subject a clever twist. The writing is spot on too.


Every session I spend on Google analytics I discover something new. The learning is endless and the opportunities to turn web analytics into demonstrable ROI for a business huge. I love analytics and just about anything measurement or evaluation so of course I am going to follow this blog!


Essentially this blog covers destination branding and travel and trends in global tourism.  It’s a great ‘one stop shop’ for an overview on destination brand strategies and marketing campaigns.


Helge Tenno is a Norwegian planner. He produces lovely looking slideshows and has a knack of cutting through waffle and phrasing things to be simple common sense.  I like this intro line “In my work I help companies and organizations discover why they are valuable in customer’s lives”.


iCrossing are a pretty big search and social agency. UK head office in Brighton. As far as agency blogs go I have always thought this is a pretty balanced one. Just the right amount of nerdyness! It’s a good one to point out to people that are managing digital and integrated campaigns. The personality of the place and individuals comes through nicely too.