The things I don’t know about copywriting.

The things I don’t know about copywriting.

‘Brilliant Copywriting’ is one of the books I am dipping into at the moment. It’s split neatly into three parts; Background, Method and Interviews with professional copywriters. It’s written by a copywriter and as you’d expect it’s structured and written well…..brilliantly.

I’m not expecting to become a better copywriter by reading this book, but I’m hoping to understand this age old advertising profession and get to grips with the how, who and what makes great copywriting.

Next up are some of the best quotes, tip and tricks that I’ve underlined so far.*

Here goes:

Be brief, the brain is a cognitive miser it’s too busy thinking about love or lunch.

What’s the story you’re trying to tell, if you don’t know don’t start writing.

Churchill said it all: begin strongly, have one theme, use simple language, leave a picture in the listener’s mind and end dramatically.

Like poetry, copywriting is about using as few words as possible to say as much as possible.

To become a better writer you need to become a better reader.

Wit works wonders, just don’t overdo it.

The back story isn’t superfluous, often that’s where the real power lies.

Words are ideas and ideas are the key to brilliant copy, get plenty of ideas down and then edit with cruel brutality.

The brand is the star not you.

The reader is everything; agree who they are early on.

If it takes too long to write, it’s probably wrong.

Banish boredom by being disalarmingly honest.

“Everyone who tells the truth is interesting” Quentin Crisp

Hope you found these useful, there’s tons more golden nuggets in this little book of copywriting insights. I’m reading the chapter on Brands and Tone of Voice next so I’ll be back soon.

*Must check if scribbling in library books is illegal, or even just a literary faux pas.