Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement

Our work

Having noticed that Matt Cutts from Google has one of these I thought it would be useful to offer my own disclosure statement relating to the work that I do with Welsh Government and Cinch.

I have responsibility for Strategy and Digital Leadership at Welsh Government. My part time role covers both tourism and business (e.g. inward investment and exports) and includes developing clear strategies to deliver defined business objectives, building our overall digital capacity and driving digital innovation across the business.  Whilst I can be contacted in relation to this role via the contact details here my normal email address is jon.munro@wales.gsi.gov.uk

The remainder of my time is spent working on Cinch. I have strict time recording in place to cover both the work I do at Welsh Government and the work we do on a specific client’s business via Cinch.

Conflict of Interest

Welsh Government have strict guidelines covering the potential conflict of interest that might arise from working in this way. The guidelines were put in place in relation to our contract following the movement of Wales Tourist Board into Welsh Assembly Government in April 2006. We adhere to these guidelines and we ensure that each new contract we take on via Cinch meets the requirement.

Any questions in relation to conflict of interest should be in the first instance directed to Jon Munro using the contact details above or the contact details here.

Our blog

Any of the statements or comments made on our blog should be  regarded as personal to the blog author (s) and not necessarily those of Cinch Ltd or any connected body. Where my work with Welsh Government is concerned I do not blog about anything that is not already in the public domain and once again statements or comments should be regarded as personal.

Jon Munro | Managing Director